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Stocks  and Forearms
Synthetic stock with raised comb and matching forearm Price $60.00 per set
Synthetic survival style stock and forearm
Price $60.00 per set
Standard Smokeless Muzzleloading Inc. barrel system

The standard system consist of a 28 inch 50 caliber barrel with a 1 in 36 rate of twist, a five piece take down ramrod and a primer remover tool . Price is $400.00
Our sabots are made by C&D Special Products in Hopkinsville, KY. Priced $10.00 per bag of 100 sabots.
New  varmint style stock now available for
NEF or H&R single shot actions.
Price $75.00 for stock set
The price for a Encore barrel is $ 525.00
Encore Barrels
Encore barrels come with a one piece ramrod under the barrel.
    For the Indiana hunters we also make rifles in our .358 D&R mag wich is a 378/460 Weatherby case cut to 1.8 inch and necked to .358.
   This round will shoot a 180 grain bullet to over 3000 fps
   Call the shop with any questions  765 998 7320